Monday, July 13, 2009


This image is from the 1931 book Phobia by John Vassos. He writes in his preface, “I must begin by apologizing. I am not a psychiatrist, and publishing this venture into the unreal world of phobia necessitates some explanation. However, I can only plead my keen personal interest…genius seldom springs from so-called normal minds, but from those whose imaginative power leads them along strange by-ways.”

Vassos was a graphic artist and industrial designer whose work reflected the Art Deco dazzle of the 1920’s.

The illustration, one of many, is for dromophobia (the fear of crossing the street). The photograph is a list of other phobias that was tucked within the pages. According to the list, Basiphobia (fear of walking) is common; true at least in Los Angeles!


Elizabeth Fama said...

I wonder what a modern list of most common phobias would include. Probably Thalassaphobia would not make the cut, and Cyberphobia "fear of the Internet" would be there instead.

Susan said...

Carbophobia? Geriphobia? (fear of carbohydrates and ageing).

Darla Brown said...

Doesn't everyone have Rhabdophobia? I mean who really looks forward to a beating? On second thought, don't answer that.