Friday, September 25, 2009

10 List: Soup

*Hobo Soup is still available. I don't buy canned soup, but this label is terrific.

It's officially autumn and I'm thinking about sweaters and leaves falling and tasty soup. It sets my heart a flutter to see soup on the menu, and who doesn't love to ask, "What's your soup today?" Isn't it grand when the most American Mom & Pop restaurant offering steak and fried chicken decides to get a bit fancy by offering 'Soup du Jour'?

Ten to order:

Manhattan Clam Chowder - made with tomatoes not cream!

Matzo Ball Soup - the ball sitting alone in broth, all zen-like (no mish-mash noodles or rice!)

Italian Wedding Soup - with escarole and tiny meatballs

Potato and Leek Soup - also known as Vichyssoise, best served chilled.

Borscht - Beets, mmm. Lovely to look at, delightful to know.

Lentil Soup - Hearty and rustic.

Corn Soup - pureed to smooth perfection

Onion Soup - topped with cheese and French bread, yes!

Thai Coconut Soup - there's chicken and veggies,but the coconut makes them memorable.

German Cabbage Soup - so...fragrant! Tasty times for the unsung vegetable.


Elizabeth Fama said...

Really? French Onion?

Susan said...

If you make this at home using really good ingredients, it's not at all like the oily brown glop widely available!