Friday, November 27, 2009

10 List: Best HORROR films of the past decade

A horror film is like diner food: rarely good, easy to avoid, and nobody expects to be amazed. 10 scary goodies which probably won't make it on any 'best of the decade' lists, but really deserve some notice. They're all interesting, well conceived ideas that influenced many copycats. I won't watch slasher films, so there's none of that Saw business or helpless victims wandering alone in dark, deserted terrain where phones never work. Each of the ten has a ghost/vampire/zombie/monster or psychopath, but their victims wage a respectable defense.

I seeeee youuuuuu! (El Orfanato)

2000 - Ju-on (The Grudge)
2000 - Final Destination
2001 - The Others
2002 - The Ring
2002 - 28 Days Later
2004 - Shaun of the Dead
2005 - The Descent
2007 - El Orfanato (The Orphanage)
2008 - Let the Right One In
2008 - À L'Intérieur (Inside)

Spelunking is fun! (The Descent)


Eric said...

You forgot about Saw VI.

Susan said...

I haven't seen the franchise, but from what I've read, the SAW protagonist/killer is hoping for the survival instinct to manifest in his victims. Shooting fish in a barrel (or in his case, torturing) just isn't interesting.