Friday, November 13, 2009

10 List: Unlikely friends

In film, there are the heroes that inspire us, the protagonists we root for, those good guys we love to watch. But I wonder, could you really spend quality time with these characters if they were flesh and blood?

10 you'd want on your side, but maybe not with you during down time or at the dinner table.

(Least likely to call you to go shopping.)

Ellen Ripley/Alien: Sure, she's absolutely capable but you'd feel intimidated just asking her to pass the salt.

Ethan Edwards/The Searchers: He's got a chip on his shoulder, he's racist and he'll never give in. And those are his good qualities!

(Most likely to drink you under the table.)

James Bond/the Connery version: He's always on the make so you couldn't leave him alone with your girlfriends or sisters. He's perpetually bored, a know-it-all, and doesn't care a bit if he destroys your valuable electronics.

Harry Callahan/Dirty Harry: No sense of humor and limited conversation.

Forrest Gump/Forrest Gump: No sense of humor and UNlimited conversation. Yack, yack, I get it--life is like a box of chocolates!

Rose DeWitt Bukater/Titanic: Argumentative, spoiled and most likely to take the last slice of dessert, considering how quickly she booted Jack from the raft that could have saved him.

("Jesus, man, could you change the channel?")

Jeffrey Lebowski/The Big Lebowski: Easy going and good natured, but eventually his love of Creedence Clearwater Revival will cause a rift.

Rick Blaine/Casablanca: He's cynical, world weary and bitter. And the guy goes on and on about the past. Sheesh!

("Let me introduce you to my little friend...")

Dorothy Gale/The Wizard of Oz: It may be interesting to befriend a runaway who kills witches, but girls that carry little dogs with them at all times are generally friends with other girls that carry little dogs with them at all times.

Carl Spackler/Caddy Shack: Makes explosives, hunts small animals, destroys property--if that isn't enough to make you nervous, it's nearly impossible to understand his mumbling.

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