Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 List: Not starring

Ebsen...NOT the tin woodsman

Stoltz...NOT Marty McFly

Truman Capote, the author of Breakfast at Tiffany's, wanted Marilyn Monroe to portray Holly Golightly in the film adaptation, but Paramount chose Audrey Hepburn instead. Monroe had the vulnerable, childlike nature of Golightly, but it's difficult to imagine anyone besides Hepburn as the kooky New York gold digger. Ten roles that changed hands, most of them after filming had begun:

Eric Stoltz - Marty Mcfly/Back to the Future (replaced by Michael J. Fox)
Buddy Ebsen - The Tin Man/The Wizard of Oz (replaced by Jack Haley)
Harvey Keitel - Captain Willard/Apocalypse Now (replaced by Martin Sheen)
Chris Farley - Shrek/Shrek (replaced by Mike Myers)
Judy Garland - Annie Oakley/Annie Get your Gun (replaced by Betty Hutton)
Michael Keaton - Tom Baxter/The Purple Rose of Cairo (replaced by Jeff Daniels)
Gene Hackman - Mr. Robinson/The Graduate (replaced by Murray Hamilton)
Stuart Townsend - Aragorn/The Lord of the Rings trilogy (replaced by Viggo Mortensen)
Tom Selleck - Indiana Jones/Raiders of the Lost Ark (replaced by Harrison Ford)
Ryan Gosling - Mr. Salmon/The Lovely Bones (replaced by Mark Wahlberg)

Townsend...the once, NOT future king

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