Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Net worth

In 1992, without reservation, I placed my vote, adamant that my choice was the right choice. Young Elvis.

In the spirit of democracy, and unprecedented in stamp history, the Postmaster General took two images of Elvis Presley and allowed the public to vote which version, young or old, would grace the commemorative stamp. Note that both renderings depict Elvis slim, tan and attractive. More than 75 percent of the 1.2 million ballots posted, determined that young Elvis was indeed King.

Recently, I read an interesting article that delineated the prices paid at auction for paintings by Pablo Picasso and Paul Cézanne with the respective ages at which they created those works. The calculations indicated that a painting done by young Picasso, was worth an average of four times as much as a painting done in his autumn years (he lived to be 91 years old). With regard to Cézanne, the opposite was true. His paintings created after mid-life, were more than fifteen times the price of the paintings he created as a young man.

Greatness is a rare jewel. A time of greatness is rarer still.

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