Monday, March 29, 2010


From their website:

hitotoki |hee toe toe key|
noun 1. a single moment; one’s moment; a point in time. is a new literary site collecting stories of personal, singular experiences in cities worldwide.

Write for Us!
We’re looking for short narratives describing pivotal moments of elation, confusion, absurdity, love or grief — or anything in between.

As people travel through an environment that is new or foreign to them, they often develop brief, intimate and intense memories that combine their emotions, experience and sense of place. This often happens spontaneously and in spaces taken for granted and overlooked. We're asking people to reflect on these uniquely individual moments in mundane surroundings. By doing so we've managed to construct a public representation of a small slice of the private emotional maps or place we all carry within ourselves.

"Châtelet. Such a nice name."

On their websites, you can read city-centric short stories by denizens of Tokyo, New York, Paris, London, and Shanghai (among other places) which are accompanied by photos. Through Google Maps, readers can zero in on key spots people have written about, bringing quirky character and attitude to the topographic spaghetti of streets and neighborhoods.

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