Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alex Schomburg

Alex Schomberg created over 500 covers during the Golden Age of comics (1938-1949). His distinctive art, use of color and dynamic composition secure his place among the top comic artists; any original drawings are highly prized by collectors and sell for staggering prices.

The pioneers of comics invented the genre. Surprisingly, they were mostly untrained and incredibly young (some were still teenagers). With the exception of employing the occasional model, they spent long hours drawing and inking their art by hand, imagining the frontiers of outer space, the front line of war or the uninhabited jungle. Before there were photos of space, or handy computer programs to finesse the movement of a figure, or any reference materials about caped heroes, they generated dramatic stories and dazzling characters fueled by pure exuberance and unbridled imagination.

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