Monday, July 26, 2010

Cabin in the Sky

Georgia Brown: You're gonna be filthy rich!
Little Joe: I am? How filthy?

The 1943 MGM film, Cabin in the Sky, was the directorial debut of Vincente Minnelli, the screen debut of Lena Horne, and headlined performances by Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, as well as song lyrics by Harold Arlen. An adaptation of a successful Broadway musical, it was groundbreaking for being one of only a few films made by a major studio at that time that featured an all-black cast.

A version of the Faust legend, the story follows the gambler Little Joe, who has been shot during a night of gambling. The henchmen for Lucifer and the general of the Good Lord battle over his soul during the six months he is given to redeem himself. Horne plays lovely Georgia Brown, a temptress agent of Lucifer, and Ethel Waters plays his long-suffering, pious wife who prays for their 'cabin in the sky.'

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