Saturday, July 10, 2010


"Your eyes can't hit what your eyes can't see." The strategy of Cassius Clay in defeating Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight boxing title in 1964.

New York Jet Joe Namath delivers on his promise, "We're gonna win the game. I guarantee it." in Super Bowl III (January 1969).

Babe Ruth points to the center field bleachers where he then dispatches a home run during the 1932 World Series.

LeBron James, the NBA superstar who generated such excitement playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has announced his decision to play for the Miami Heat. James said he based his decision on "where I could win the most." In his bitter open letter to James' distraught fans, Dan Gilbert, the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers personally guaranteed that the Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before their former All Star, and Most Valuable Player wins one with the Heat.

Good sportsmanship promotes respect, teamwork, playing fair and not showing off. Ironic, considering some of the greatest athletes became legends with unabashed cockiness. Imagine Nobel Laureates, MacArthur Fellows, Eagle Scouts, Pulitzer Prize or Oscar winners predicting their wins or publicly challenging their rivals.

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