Thursday, July 15, 2010

The highest height

Empire State Building, New York City

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

I thought of an idea for a children's book: wouldn't it be great to flip through photos of places most people could never get to? Not just famous buildings and bridges, but images of what it's like to be up there. Maybe you've visited the safe, gated observation deck of a building and looked out over the city. But what about the tower above the deck that shoots up another 10 stories? The one that only the occasional worker (who drew the short straw) climbs in order to paint, change a lightbulb or restore an antenna? I began researching images, found a few and decided the idea was far from cozy night reading for kids. No, the images are pretty terrifying. Whatever they're paying those workers on the Empire State Building, it isn't enough.

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