Saturday, August 14, 2010


S. is the happiest person I know. Her infectious optimism is generous and welcoming, and not a bit insincere. She is not without stress; there have been health scares, she's raised children, she has seen family and friends through job changes, moves across the country, marriages, divorce, illness and suffered the loss of several loved ones. Still, none of life's challenges or pitfalls changed her basic nature of being outgoing and joyful. If there is anything different about her, one quality that might stand out in a crowd, I'd say it's her ability to give her full attention. By doing this, by being present, whether she is reading the paper or listening to music or spending time with others, she is engaged and connected and fully living her life.

In his pursuit of happiness, filmmaker Roko Belic has spent four years, traveled to over 14 countries and gathered stories from around the world exploring the jewel of emotions. His film, Happy, is near completion.

HAPPY - How It All Began from Wadi Rum Productions on Vimeo.

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