Friday, October 29, 2010


Masterpiece, the Parker Brothers board game is currently out-of-print. Growing up in Chicago, the Windy City was my universe, so it made perfect sense that the 24 paintings players bid for at 'auction' were famous works from the Art Institute. Just recently, I discovered there was a second version that featured paintings from the National Gallery in London.

Maybe I'd score the Bitsy (shown seated at the far left) player card. She was young and stylish and probably had an ultra-cool lair that was littered with great art. Oh, but the threat of drawing the Millicent Friendly (seated next to Bitsy) player card loomed large. You just sensed any art would never see the light of day in her creaky old mansion.

I longed to own this painting...

At the Moulin Rouge, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

...and never bid on this one! (no one did!)

The Rock, Peter Blume


Kimparklee said...

Peter Blume? I have an art history degree and never even heard of this artist. He looks like one of the ashcan school but honestly i am too lazy to look it up.

Susan said...

He is considered a surrealist. The painting was commissioned by the owner of Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Falling Water' home (which he also commissioned). That is the structure pictured in the left of the painting--but he never hung the piece in his beautiful home. I can't blame him!