Friday, December 31, 2010

A new year

A photo of a London library after the Blitz; a 57 day period of intense, incessant bombing that occurred both day and night in 1940. The figures peruse books amid the rubble: the image captures (for me) the bittersweet quality of New Year's Day. Yes, terrible things happen--there will always be intentional acts of cruelty, pointless destruction, and unavoidable disappointment. But with that, for most of us, an indefatigable will to continue and remain hopeful.

Happy New Year!


Michael Robinson said...

It was the library of Holland House, here is a link to a Pathe newsreel of the same, with shots of the Libaray.

And the ODNB's page describing the 'Holland House set' (act. 1797–1845) "a brilliant circle of whig politicians and men of letters which flourished around Henry Richard Fox, third Baron Holland, and his remarkable wife, Elizabeth Vassall Fox,"

Michael Robinson said...

The grounds are now part of a park, one wing was saved and is used as a Youth Hostel with the ruins a background for a summer opera and concert festival.

Kimparklee said...

I like the fact you worked in the worked in the word indefatigable. Happy New Year!