Monday, June 13, 2011


Wimpy: (singing) There's nothing in the world that can compare/ With a hamburger, juicy and rare./ A hamburger lives for the pleasure it gives;/ It's a thrill on the bill of fare./ Such heavenly food deserves the best:/ A home and contentment beneath my vest. / There's nothing in the world that's so divine / as a hamburger, tender and fine. / I adore you, hamburger mine!

--from the cartoon, What--No Spinach? (1936)

I met with friends for lunch at Umami Burger.  Purists may scoff at the Parmesan crisp 
and the oven roasted tomato but the burgers were tasty!

For the burger aficionado, there's Burgermat--a one day exhibit of burger art in London on June 27th. 

by Nishant Choksi

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