Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dark Matter

The TV series Night Gallery, created, hosted and often written by Rod Serling ran from 1969-1973. The format of the hour long show had Serling presenting tales of horror illustrated by dark and disturbing paintings and sculptures.

Tom Wright created most of the paintings for the series. Considering there were three seasons, over ninety episodes with each episode divided into three vignettes, that's a massive amount of work.
Moving beyond the art department, he focused on directing and has worked on a wide array of popular shows, including supernatural fare such as Millennium, and The X-files.

Three of Wright's paintings with Rod Serling's distinctive introduction.

"A most hearty welcome to those of you whose tastes in art lean toward the bizarre. Our first painting submitted for your approval is an item of real estate — but you won't find it advertised in the classifieds. Oh, it's light and comfortable and altogether well-heated — but there's a chill to the place. So bundle up when you look at this one. Our painting is called The House, and this is the Night Gallery."

"Tonight's first selection, a painting suggesting solitude, or at least solemnity as viewed during the midnight hour. It tells the tale of two young people caught inexorably in a recurrent nightmare with a finale on the jolting side. Our painting, with the somewhat familiar face, is called, Midnight Never Ends, and this is the Night Gallery."

"Now this one here, unabashed and unashamed I submit to you, is a dandy. It delves into an ancient funeral rite having to do with a person that's called a sin-eater. One who attends a wake and partakes of the funeral food and, in the process, digests all the transgressions of the deceased so that he departs the earth a much cleaner and sweeter little item. Proving that we've become a bit more sophisticated in our tribal rites, but we are much the poorer for our twentieth-century chromium intellect. You might agree with me after you've seen The Sins of the Fathers."

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