Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Future time

Past time is infinite, future time is infinite.

—Edwin Hubble

I love this photograph; the room is dark, the man is small, the chair looks stiff and uncomfortable but clearly none of that matters, he's transfixed, looking upward and outward through a very large telescope.  In 1937, Lost Horizon, Grand Illusion and Shall We Dance were popular movies, couples were swing dancing to Count Basie's One O'Clock Jump, while Edwin Hubble was researching nebulae and determining the existence of several other galaxies. When asked what he hoped to find with the new telescope he had helped design, he replied,

"We hope to find something we hadn't expected."

In the spirit of looking outward into the vast, mysterious unfamiliar with excitement and
fascination, I toast to a happy new year!

Astronomer Edwin Hubble takes a peek at the infinite with the aid of a Hooker telescope.
Photographed in 1937 at the Mount Wilson Observatory in California, by Margaret Bourke-White.

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