Wednesday, October 30, 2013

At last

Plan de Paris á Vol de Oiseau, drawn by Georges Peltier between 1920-1940, a very detailed 20th-century bird's-eye view plan complete with street names and monuments.

I've wanted this map for a long, long time.  I've come across reproductions, a few that were miserably glued to board, a version without the colored border or colored Seine, a smaller version of central Paris, and once on Ebay, one half of the map (it sold!).

Oh, there are tears and bits of old tape, but nothing the maestro John at Poster Mountain can't repair. The lovely map, now in two pieces, will be mounted on cotton as a single spectacular image of Paris. I've waited so long to find my precious, but I can hardly wait to see it after a visit to the conservator!

  Bird's-eye view of Paris

 Circa 1966, a very good year.

  B-I-G! Compare to soup can pictured at bottom.

 Île de la Cité, elite charm.

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