Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mental arithmetic

Gorgeous promotional posters publicizing the French book, La Clef du Calcul Mental par L. Lamy, L. Lange et A. de Rouget (The Key To Mental Arithmetic by L. Lamy, L. Lange and A. de Rouget). The math book, a collaborative effort of three Parisian primary school teachers, consisted of tables and exercises and memorization, a rational, simple method of mental arithmetic that was taught to their students with very encouraging results. After presenting their book to a large assembly of teachers, principles and educational directors from a variety of schools and institutions, it was quickly embraced as an ideal textbook for modern primary math instruction. 

First published in 1902, I date these typographic posters to 1903, the year that La Semeuse in Paris, France printed the book La Clef du Calcul Mental, which they then promoted with these bright, appealing posters. Despite their age, the designs are amazing in their modernity. A fine example of great graphic design, it communicates an idea/product with clarity, precision and efficiency. 

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