Thursday, October 24, 2013

Running scared

Although the film is 40 years old and its special effects are dated, The Exorcist remains on nearly every list of the top scariest movies ever made. Still, in interviews director William Friedkin asserts it isn't so much a horror film as it is a thriller, perhaps a love story, and a powerful tale about the mystery of faith.

The fine performances of the entire cast, the careful pacing and the crisp writing assures the film will remain a modern classic. I've seen The Exorcist many times and have only recently pushed past the visceral terror to appreciate the subtle way the film communicates:

Regan inadvertently summons the demon by playing with a Ouija board.

The demon has no interest in Regan, just the priests.

Regan is 'saved' but both priests lose their lives--thus, the demon wins. 


Amanda Triplet said...

Have you ever read the book? Every time I see the movie I really wish that they could have included more, the story is so much more incredible than the movie can portray!

Susan said...

Yes, I read the book before seeing the film. Blatty's book was so terrifying, and he was able to transfer that fully in his screenplay. Not an easy task when you consider his 340 page book had to be condensed for a 2-hour film. I hear he's written a new edition of his book, with several changes. Interesting!