Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Returned

What makes a human, human?

With that in mind, what makes a zombie, zombie?

Victor, you're creeping me out!
The Returned can be seen on the Sundance Channel
or purchased by episode on Amazon.

Victor loves to draw, play on the trampoline and hold hands when he walks.
Like other young children, he is shy around strangers and is afraid of the dark.
He is handsome, yet unnnerving. 

Maybe because he is dead, having died some 35 years ago.

The French series The Returned offers a new and disturbing version of
the dead returning to inhabit the world of the living.

I love fast zombies.
I love slow zombies.
And now, a new love: zombies that talk, make themselves sandwiches, crack jokes
and get into fist fights. They seem just the way we remember them before they passed away.

Only different.

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