Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Memory of Space

an hoang

an hoang

I met R. many years ago, as one of the circle of friends of my former boyfriend J. Generally, as romantic relationships change or fade or end abruptly, the secondary friendships follow. Fortunately, several people I met from that romance blossomed into enduring, endearing friends.

R. is a professional photographer so I'm not surprised he has a keen appreciation for detail. He mentioned something in a recent conversation that struck me as fascinating; "I remember J.'s old apartment to the letter. I could draw a blueprint, it's so clear." I could too. Not that the apartment was so remarkable, but I think everyone is imprinted by certain times, people and places.

The beautiful paintings of An Hoang explore the memory of spaces. From her website:

"This ongoing body of work is a series of paintings investigating
psychological spaces which reference the memory of space
and explore concepts of time, longing, and nostalgia."

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