Monday, September 28, 2009

Miss Subways

Artist Fiona Gardner is working on a book that features former 'Miss Subways' winners. The New York City pageant lasted over three decades with winning contestants (determined by phone call votes) reigning for one glorious month. From her website:

"Miss Subways was a beauty contest run by the Subways Advertising committee from 1941–1976. Every month, a different woman was crowned Miss Subways and featured on subway placards throughout the city. The contest was remarkable for the diversity of the women who were selected. The first black Miss Subways was crowned in 1947, which was 36 years before a black Miss America. The first Asian Miss Subways was in 1949.The Miss Subways contest focused on the careers and aspirations of everyday, working women."


fiona said...

Thanks so much Susan for writing about my project.
all the best,
Fiona Gardner

Susan said...

I think it's a great idea! I look forward to your book, please keep me on your email list. Thanks!

Elizabeth Fama said...

Golly, Miss Turnstiles is a REAL THING!