Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's not the years, it's the cuteness.

The Nissan Figaro

The Nash Metropolitan

The Fiat Jolly

It's hard to imagine Yul Brynner and Elvis Presley tooling around in a Fiat Jolly (1958), but they were among the elite short list that owned the limited edition. It is estimated that only 100 Jollys have survived the passage of time. The 1953 release of the Nash Metropolitan received mixed reviews for driving performance but remained in production for seven years. The Nissan Figaro was introduced in Japan in 1989; only 20,000 were ever produced. That's surprising to me, considering how the Nissan brand would have assured strong sales in the UK and the USA had the car been exported. It's especially surprising when I take into account the reverence for cuteness in Japan.


Elizabeth Fama said...

I'm guessing that's the only post about cars that you have in you.

Susan said...

I call your bet and raise you one more.