Friday, October 30, 2009

10 List: Death personified

In Orpheus Death becomes her.

Just in time for Halloween, the Grim Reaper! News flash: The black robe and scythe create just one signature look.

10 film versions of the shadowy spectre you don't want to meet:

The Seventh Seal-
Death wants to play a game of chess. Really, think this offer over carefully.

The Prophecy-
Christopher Walken as the Archangel Gabriel says, "I'm an angel. I kill firstborns while their Mamas watch." TMI!

Death Takes a Holiday-
Fredric March as Death wonders why humans fear him so.

Meet Joe Black-
A remake of Death Takes a Holiday. Brad Pitt as Death loves...peanut butter.

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey-
Bill and Ted give Death a wedgie. Dude!

The Doors-
Jim Morrison meets Death (who is drunk) at an airport bar. Death says cryptically, "See you around Jim."

Love and Death-
Death says to Woody Allen as Boris, "We'll meet again." Boris, "Don't bother." Death, "It's no bother."
I walk through the valley of the shadow of Love and Death.

Matt Damon as Loki, once the Angel of Death but having renounced his calling has been exiled to Wisconsin.

Orpheus (Jean Cocteau)-
Death is an impeccably dressed, Rolls Royce driving French woman! Mon Dieu!

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen-
For years, the Baron has narrowly escaped (cheated) Death, who is a redhead-who knew?

The Seventh Seal Check mate.

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