Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 List: Brand Loyal

No place is really nice unless you have a typewriter. You can do without a woman but you can't do without a typewriter.
-- Charles Bukowski

Last year, Cormac McCarthy's light blue Lettera 32 Olivetti manual typewriter sold at Christie's auction house for $254, 500. Although computers deliver speed, efficiency, and the bells and whistles of infinite cyberspace, they lack the distinction and personality of typewriters.

Jack Kerouac: Underwood Portable Royal Standard

John Steinbeck: Hermes Baby

Charles Bukowski:Olympia SG
Hunter S. Thompson : IBM Selectric (in red)
David Sedaris: Olivetti Lettera 32, IBM Selectric
Herman Hesse: Remington Quiet Deluxe
Joyce Carol Oates: SCM Smith Corona Electra
Harper Lee: Underwood Portable
Saul Bellow: Royal KMG

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