Saturday, October 31, 2009

Images of people

Blexbolex is a French comic artist and illustrator. He received the 2009 “Best Book Design of the World” prize for L'Imagier des gens (released in 2008) at the Book Fair of Leipzig. Best...of the WORLD, don't you love that? These days, political correctness in the spirit of generosity has marginalized awards; you'll hear, "The Oscar goes to..." instead of, "The winner is..." There's plenty of room for mediocrity; what's the harm in having a pinnacle, an apex, a top-banana seat worth dreaming about?

The hardback book, complete with a dust jacket is just gorgeous! Every page could be framed; in fact, I'd love a wall filled with these graceful, graphic denizens.

You can order a copy here. Shipping to the USA will cost as much as the book itself, but it's the best of the world so it's truly worth every penny.

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