Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hot dog

Sleek, roomy and able to reach the speed of 90 mph, the wienermobile was first created in 1936 to promote Oscar Mayer products in the Midwest. There's now a fleet of seven wienermobiles, each designated to a specific region of the USA. Oscar Mayer headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin screen potential drivers, called 'hotdoggers', with the care and seriousness given to astronauts. The hotdogger position lasts one full year. Each wienermobile holds a team of two hotdoggers. Only college graduates or seniors who are about to graduate are eligible to apply for the hotdogger position. Of course, mad driving skills and a love of hot dogs are essential. Once a candidate has been selected, training begins at Hot Dog High for a crash course in products, public relations and manuevering the 27 foot wienermobile.

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